Pastels are essential when you’re trying to freshen up your wardrobe with more lively shades. If you’ll look deeply into men’s fashion trends, you’ll realize that pastels are being utilized somehow; either it is Milan Fashion Week or London Fashion Week; either it’s Spring collection or Fall collection.
Beginners should always try pastel outfits with a solid neutral shade; more like black, charcoal, navy, or skin. The neutral shade will accentuate the charming soft hues. Also, you have to be extremely careful with your accessories i.e. hats, ties, socks, etc; because most of the time, accessories look good only if they are of a similar pastel colour as that of the shirt.
You have to be a bit more conscious when layering pastel colors as it gets tricky to carry such high-end combo. Pastel on pastel does not always look good.
Always go for various frequencies of amethyst and beach blue. Always cut down the colour with some neutral shoes or a jacket.
Pastel-colored denim jackets and pants have always been designers’ heart favourite but you need to have that sassy confidence to carry them. These are more appropriate for teen-age or university going boys. Converse are the best option in terms of shoewear.
Soft colored cargo shorts or pants look exquisite on the beach, especially colors like aqua green, asparagus, or mist with contrasting neon-colored casual shirts and shoes like sneakers. You can also wear a simple tee with a button-down shirt over it but the upper shirt has to be in a chalky tone.