Social media has influenced many trends in the fashion world, and one of the biggest ones right now is the baddie.These girls are laid back and chill, with a high fashion twist and a love for beauty.Set the trends and blend high fashion and streetwear with these baddie outfits that all the cool girls are wearing right now.
Slouchy and sleek, the humble tracksuit has been given a makeover. The oversized sweatshirt and pants combo can be in a monochrome color or pattern, which elongates your silhouette and creates unity with your overall outfit. Popular shades include baby pink, neon green, and bold designs like flames or calligraphy.
Chunky Sneakers
Add some height to your stature and create balance with your outfit in a pair of chunky sneakers. This trend is huge with the baddie aesthetic, and it’s easy to see why. This footwear is easy to style with almost any outfit and instantly creates a fresh, sporty vibe.When choosing a shade, it’s best to pick something neutral that compliments other outfits.
Oversized T-Shirts
Comfortable and super cute, every baddie needs to have this staple in their wardrobe. The oversized T-shirt is a simple piece of clothing that can instantly upgrade your ensemble.Dress it up or down with a pair of ripped jeans, cycling shorts, or a mini skirt – add a pair of chunky sneakers or combat boots, and you’ll feel fresh and sleek.
Bold Colourful Accessories
When it comes to the baddie aesthetic, you can’t go past some incredibly cute accessories. This style is all about bright and beautiful pops of color, so even if you’re dripping in black or a neutral shade, this will instantly add some zing to the outfit. Red sunglasses are an excellent option for warmer months, and a funky bucket hat works well all year long. Add a belted bag around your waist or chest to elevate the sporty feel, and don’t be scared to try zesty hues like lime or lemon.